One system.
New standards.
For all kind of jobs.


60 V MAX – as powerful as a petrol-driven tool
When it comes to power and effectiveness, Kress 60V max battery technology easily matches the performance of a petrol engine. The power is available precisely as you need it.
Long-life machines and batteries
The 60V max range is designed for demanding jobs and long runtimes. The batteries and tools come with a range of functions that significantly boost both efficiency and service life.
Top working comfort
Kress 60V max offers top performance at a comparatively light total weight. The tools are extremely ergonomic and include numerous ingenious features which make working with them noticeably easier.
State-of-the-art battery production
Kress battery production is fully automated to achieve top quality standards. Every battery must pass several tests before release.
Smartlink – non-stop work with intelligent batteries
All Kress 60V max batteries feature the unique SmartLink battery control system. It significantly optimizes the charging time: You work nonstop using a second battery because one battery charges faster than the other runs out.
Perfectly coordinated batteries and motors
SmartLink ensures constant communication between the tool and the battery. The tool always gets exactly the right amount of power. This increases the battery runtime and the performance of the tools.
One battery for all applications
Whether lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers or chainsaws: You can use Kress 60V batteries in all our tools. We plan to continuously expand our product family in the coming years.
The only supplier of 60V solutions to specialist retailers
Kress 60V max is unique in the specialist retail trade. Many competitors continue to rely on low-voltage solutions despite the limited power they deliver. In contrast, Kress is already committed to futureproof 60V technology.

The ideal battery
for all jobs.

New standards in battery technology:
Keeps the cells cool for longer. That increases efficiency and extends battery life.
Cell guard
Fully encased battery cells protected against temperature peaks (-10°C to + 45°C), moisture (IPX5 spray water protection*), vibration and hard impacts.
Our intelligent battery control software for battery protection, optimal energy supply and communication between the charger and the battery.
More power. Optimal protection. Longer runtime.
Communication between the battery and the charger ensures optimal regulation of the charging process. This directly improves the battery performance and service life.
Temperature management
Active air cooling cools the cells and accelerates charging.
Cell charge control
Balances the charge level of the cells with each other and restores low voltage cells to such an extent that they can be balanced with other battery cells.
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