The industry's fastest battery charge.
Longer service life*. 2x the output. Zero downtime**.
*Compared to standard lithium-ion or lithium polymer cells. **When charging 4 Ah or 11 Ah Kress® CyberPack batteries with the CyberTank KAC875

Zero-to-100 in eight minutes

The Kress CyberPack batteries, 4 Ah and 11 Ah back-pack, can charge from 0% to 80% in as little as five minutes*, or from 0-100% in just eight minutes*. Faster than anything else.

* DC-DC charge

Performance on an unprecedented scale

The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem delivers so much power that we had to design a brand-new range of Commercial equipment around its groundbreaking standards. The wait is over. Start your transition to zero-emission landscaping today.

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Mows like you. Without you.

Kress RTKn unmanned mowers maintain very large lawns with greater accuracy and efficiency than man-operated mowers. At only a fraction of the cost.
The wait is over. Start your transition to unmanned mowing today.

Large lawn?
Kress RTKn masters it.

While traditional random robot mowers struggle to cover expansive areas, even when operating round the clock, Kress RTKn technology rises to the challenge. Harnessing the power of satellite guidance, it navigates with the precision and methodical approach of a seasoned landscaper.

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