California enforces, Kress empowers

As California enforces the 2024 SORE Ban, Kress’s CARB-compliant technology is commercial landscapers’ only choice to stay ahead with zero emissions, unparalleled performance, and significant cost savings. Learn more

Ready to abandon gasoline?

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Robotic mowing without boundary wire?

Discover the unique advantages of Kress RTKn satellite-guided lawn mowers. Explore the technology

Landscapers and municipalities worldwide are leading the charge toward sustainability by switching from gas to Kress Commercial. Discover their inspiring journeys here. Read the full stories

Commercial turf care

See what Kress can do for you, your business, and the planet Take me there

Commercial landscaping

Elevate your bottom line with the only battery system that delivers substantial savings over fossil fuels. Learn how

More than 279 in UK had already chosen Kress
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