Kress CyberTank portable powerstation

This 8-minute CyberSytem DC-DC charger provides the energy needed for charging any Kress 60 V or Kress 60 V Commercial batteries for the whole day. Charge this up after work in your shop or the garage and forget about having to spend money on fuel again.

  • The OPE industries longest warranty, 6 years. This portable power station is built to last, lowering your total investment and providing power to the Kress batteries for 6 years
  • 3 ports fast charging for different needs
  • 4G and GPS this advanced portable power station communicates with the Kress Commercial app to provide functions like anthi-theft, tool tracking, battery status, maintenance reminders, and more
  • Smart charging: - charging control based on CAN bus communication - flexible charging current under the control of SOP - charging protection with data monitoring, including voltage, current, temperature and fault status, etc. - cell balancing come along with charging, improving the cycle life of battery - multi-charging mode, including fast mode, super mode, long term storage mode, economic charging mode. - charging strategy update with OTA
  • Waterproof design for continue finish the job even in rain
  • Compatible all Kress 60 V and Kress 60 V commercial batteries
  • Optional solar charging panels available
  • Built-in LED control panel displays battery power level and available adjustable settings
  • DC-DC portable power station chargers all Kress 60 V and Kress 60 V Commercial batteries on the go


Key features

  • Air cooling technology
  • IP67 rated
  • Control panel

Technical specifications and Manual

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 110 kg

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity 105 Ah
Battery output 5 kWh
Voltage 48 V
Current location