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Kress 60 V 4 Ah CyberPack KAC804

Kress 60 V 4 Ah CyberPack

Welcome to the post-gasoline era. 8-MINUTE CyberSystem: The industry's fastest battery charge. Fully Charged in 8-MINUTES! 10X Battery Life, 2X Power Output & Zero Downtime!

  • Kress CyberPack can charge from 0 to 100% in 8-Minutes, ZERO Downtime!
  • KRESS commercial batteries have up to 10X the battery life of Li-Ion OPE batteries using cylindrical cells!
  • Advanced battery management systems optimize the performance and life of the batteries
  • 8-minute CyberSystem batteries allow for connectivity to help you manage all of your products and crews, such as battery diagnostics, fleet management, and much more!
  • IPX5 rating, eliminates concerns about finishing the job, even on those wet weather days.
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability linked to the Kress Commercial app to provide you with access to in depth data.

In the box

Kress 60 V 4 Ah CyberPack KAC804


Key features

  • 8-minute CyberSystem
  • 3000 Charge Cycles
  • Brutal Power
  • The CyberSystem ecosystem
  • Battery capacity indicator

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity 4 Ah
Voltage 60 V

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 3 kg
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