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Kress 12 V 40 Nm 2-Speed 10 mm Brushless Drill Driver KUA24

KUA24 is the latest generation of Kress 12 V drill driver. High quality for tough use


Kress 12 V Brushless 30 Nm 2-Speed 10 mm Impact Drill KUC10.2

KUC10.2 has high quality for tough use


Kress 12 V 40 Nm 2-Speed 10 mm Brushless Impact Drill KUC12

Kress-built hammer and anvil system coupled with brushless otor provides outstanding impact force and double torque of a gear-driven system,delivering a max drilling capacity of 20mm in wood.


Kress 12 V 140 Nm 3-Speed Brushless Impact Driver KUB50.2

KUB50 provides best access to tight spaces and narrow corners with compact and lightweight design.


Kress 12 V Brushless 2 Piece Combo Kit of Impact Drill and Impact Driver KUG02

KUG02 contains 40 Nm impact drill KUC12 and 140Nm impact driver KUB50


Kress 12V 1.5 Ah Charger KCH1202

KCH1202 is Kress standard 12 V charger


Kress 12V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery KPB1202

KPB1202 is compatible with all Kress 12V Tools


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