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Kress 20 V Max Cordless Brushless 230 Nm 4-speed + 4-mode Impact Driver Skin

KUB61 is the latest generation model delivering a powerful 230 Nm torque, and offers unique 4 stage + 4 assist mode design. Quality construction ensure it is suitable for heavy-duty applications.


Kress 20 V Max Cordless Brushless ½” 300 Nm 3-Mode Impact Wrench Skin

KUB30 ½” impact wrench features brushless motor technology. It boasts 330 Nm Nut busting torque, with 3 mode selections (2 speeds + auto stop). The Intelligent power supply prevents battery overload, overheating, and excessive discharge, ensuring maximum performance, and protecting the wrench.


Kress 20 V Max Cordless Brushless ¾” 1700 Nm 4-Mode Impact Wrench Skin

KUB35 ¾” impact wrench is a powerful and valuable addition for tradespeople in the automotive / mechanical fields or heavy construction. Featuring brushless motor technology and also offers a powerful 2100 Nm of nut busting torque, with the Mega Force Technology always ensuring constant torque supply.


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