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If there’s a lawn, here’s how Kress can help you.

Whether your business is managing commercial, institutional, residential, industrial or public facilities, switching from contracted lawn mowing to a Kress robotic mower will make a positive change.

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Your Kress dealer will explain why switching from manned lawn mowing to robotic lawn care will benefit your business.

Better for the planet, better for your business.

Kress robotic mowers reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and make it a more pleasant place to work and live. Business-wise, they reset the cost of labor, reduce the need for water and nutrients, and cut the turf renovation cost.

Re-shape your facility’s soundscape

Gas-powered mowers can be heard half a kilometer away. Each time your lawn is serviced, it creates a disruptive and unpleasant environment, which has a negative impact on the well-being, productivity, and enjoyment of people using the space. Kress robotic mowers are so quiet that none will even notice they’re working.

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Your best turf ever

Turfgrass experts indicate frequent mowing as the key factor for achieving a healthy, dense and attractive lawn, as it stimulates grass to produce new shoots and leaves. Robotic lawn mowers are designed for mowing day in and day out and can operate nighttime, without interfering with the availability of the lawn.

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Mow down pollution

Gas-powered lawn mowers’ emissions are an issue you shouldn’t neglect. They harm the environment and the health of those using outdoor spaces: a gas-powered lawn mower operating for one hour produces the same amount of pollution as a car driven for 160 kilometers. Kress robotic mowers are zero emission.

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Trim your grass, snip your costs

Switch from conventional lawn service to robotic mowing and eliminate labor expenses. If you own the mowing equipment, achieve further savings from fuel and maintenance costs.

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Use our tool to calculate how much the transition from manned to unmanned lawn mowing will benefit your business.

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Unmanned daily turf care

Sports fields demand way more frequent mowing compared to other facilities. Transitioning from manned to autonomous mowing offers the clear advantage of eliminating labor expenses from the equation, whilst keeping the field healthier and the environment unharmed.

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Don’t take our word for it

Witness by yourself how a Kress RTKn robot mower will improve your turf and your business. Reach out to a Kress dealer near you for a demo.

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