Kress 60 V 51 cm brushless dual blades self-propelled lawn mower

658.54 € excl.VAT 810 € incl.VAT

The Kress 60V 51 cm self-propelled dual-blade mower provides you gas-like cutting efficiency – Less downtime for mowing 2000m2 to 4000m2 large-size lawns. *with 2 x 8.0 Ah battery

  • 11.3 Nm torque with Kress 60V battery system, provides gas-performance power.
  • Dual-blade design with self-sharpening blades, smooth cutting of more than 80 mm high dense grass without block.
  • Unique airflow design and Air Amplifying Technology deliver more precise cuts, enhance mulching and bagging quality.
  • Brushless motor 2.0 delivers 40% more power than regular brushless motors.
  • 5 km/h max self-propelled speed with variable speed adjustment catering to different cutting conditions.
  • Ball bearings in wheels provide smooth pushing, also provide longer lifespan of wheels.
  • 80 L big collection bag, less time spent on emptying.
  • Torque logic technology automatically adjusts cutting efficiency in a light application to save current output.
  • Easily fold down with just one button, providing compact storage.
  • One lever height adjustment with 7 positions.
  • LED lights enhance visibility in darkness.
  • Part of Kress 60V battery system, one 60V battery can power all Kress 60 V tools.


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