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Kress Commercial 60 V 35 N backpack blower - tool only

Voltage60 V
Maximum air volume1529 m³/h
Maximum air speed85 m/s

This super silent Kress Commercial blower is the landscaper's replacement for petrol-powered blowers.

711.55 € excl.VAT 875 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V KrossPack cordless blower - tool only

Voltage20 V
Maximum air volume600 m³/h
Air speed120 km/h

Powerful, lightweight and quiet leaf blower

73.17 € excl.VAT 90 € incl.VAT


Kress 40 V brushless silent tech blower

Voltage40 V
Maximum air volume900 m³/h
Air speed225 km/h

The Kress 40 V blower features a brushless motor and offers a lightweight design ideal for homeowner use.

142.28 € excl.VAT 175 € incl.VAT


Kress 60 V brushless blower — tool only

Voltage60 V
Maximum air volume1275 m³/h
Air speed215 km/h

The Kress 60 V 1275 m³/h blower features a brushless motor, delivering maximum power for professional-level performance.

203.25 € excl.VAT 250 € incl.VAT


Kress Blower Vacuum Air Attachment

35.77 € excl.VAT 44 € incl.VAT


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