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Kress 40 V 38 cm cordless brushless attachment-capable grass trimmer/brush cutter — tool only

Voltage40 V
Line diameter2.4 mm
Cutting width38 cm

Kress's most powerful attachment-capable grass trimmer/brush cutter for all kinds of cutting and trimming applications.

206.5 € excl.VAT 253.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40 V 40 cm cordless brushless chainsaw - tool only

Voltage40 V
Bar length40 cm
Chain speed18 m/s

Kress's best designed brushless chainsaw with tool-less chain tensioning function.

195.11 € excl.VAT 239.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20V KrossPack brushless portable power cleaner - tool only

Voltage20 V
Maximum pressure25 bar
Water flow rate210 l/h

Versatile power cleaner that can work anywhere and draw from any water source.

134.14 € excl.VAT 164.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20V KrossPack cordless blower - tool only

Voltage20 V
Maximum air volume600 m³/h
Air speed120 km/h

Powerful, lightweight and quiet leaf blower

73.16 € excl.VAT 89.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V KrossPack 57 cm cordless hedge trimmer - tool only

Voltage20 V
Blade length57 cm
Tooth spacing20 mm

Handy, lightweight hedge trimmer for small hedges and topiary.

81.29 € excl.VAT 99.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V KrossPack 3-in-1 cordless grass and shrub shears set - tool only

Voltage20 V
Cutting width10 cm

3-in-1 multi-functional cordless grass and shrub shears set, perfect for fine, precise work in your garden.

72.35 € excl.VAT 88.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40V 38 cm Cordless Brushless Grass Trimmer — Bare tool

Voltage40 V
Line diameter2.4 mm
Cutting width38 cm

Kress's Brushless Line Trimmer with Quick line load design

165.03 € excl.VAT 202.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40V Brushless Silent Tech Blower

Voltage40 V
Maximum air volume900 m³/h
Air speed225 km/h

Kress's silent and lightweight handheld blower provides optimal performance

154.46 € excl.VAT 189.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40V 35 cm Cordless Brushless Chainsaw — Bare tool

Voltage40 V
Bar length35 cm
Chain speed18 m/s

Kress's Brushless 35cm Chainsaw optimizes the needed power needed for a DIY end user.

174.79 € excl.VAT 214.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40V 61 cm cordless brushless hedge trimmer - tool only

Voltage40 V
Blade length61 cm
Tooth spacing33 mm

Kress 61cm hedge trimmer perfect for fine, precise work in your garden

154.46 € excl.VAT 189.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 40V 37 cm Cordless Brushless Push Lawn mower — Bare tool

Voltage40 V
Cutting width37 cm
Grass bag volume40 l

Kress's most compact and light weight 2-in-1 mower for precision mowing of small to medium sized lawns.

268.28 € excl.VAT 329.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20V 12cm Cordless Brushless One-hand Chainsaw — tool only

Voltage20 V
Bar length12 cm
Chain speed10 m/s

Kress's compact, handy, lightweight one-hand pruning saw without any compromising of power and efficiency

103.24 € excl.VAT 126.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V / 2 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity2 Ah
Weight0.42 kg
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's best choice of 20 V batteries for precise but challenging jobs

40.64 € excl.VAT 49.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V / 4 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity4 Ah
Weight0.66 kg
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's best balanced battery of exceptional power and moderate weight for easy use

62.59 € excl.VAT 76.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V / 8 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity8 Ah
Weight1 kg
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's most powerful 20 V battery with exceptional runtime

134.14 € excl.VAT 164.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V / 2 A charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current2 A

Kress's most compact charger, charging a 2 Ah battery in 60 minutes. Grab it and go.

26.01 € excl.VAT 31.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20 V / 4 A dual charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current4 A

Kress's best choice for charging two 20 V batteries at the same time. Never run out of power.

52.02 € excl.VAT 63.99 € incl.VAT


Kress 20V 15A Dual Charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current15 A

Kress's fastest charger in the whole 20V range, Charging (2) 2.0Ah batteries in just 40 minutes or less!

124.38 € excl.VAT 152.99 € incl.VAT


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