Robot lawn mowers without boundary wire

Once upon a time…

In the past, robot mowers required laying a powered wire along the perimeter of the working area. Mowers used to follow a random pattern, so they could only deal with relatively small lawns. Larger areas still had to be maintained by man-operated lawn tractors or zero turn.

The future of unmanned mowing is now

The new Kress RTKn robot mowers extend unmanned mowing to larger areas. They efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from an area to another, as if they were driven by humans. No need for boundary wires, nor on-site antennas.

Who will benefit from Kress RTKn

Large properties. Facilities. Sports fields. Golf courses. Public parks. You count them. Unmanned mowing is the ideal solution for countless applications, providing quiet, emission-free turf management, with an operating cost that is a fraction of manned mowing.

Nothing is better

Robotic mowers that make use of RTK require the installation of at least one station antenna for each lawn, which must be powered and placed in open sky. Kress RTKn delivers centimeter accuracy with no station antenna on site.


No extra cost for the station antenna and its installation


No need to bring electricity in the lawn or over the roof for powering the station antenna

Quick and simple

Once the mapping is done, the mower is ready to go


No ugly antennas in the middle of the lawn or on the roof of the house


Nothing can get damaged or stop operation due to electricity blackout

The advantages of RTKn

Quick setup

Once your Kress dealer has mapped the areas and installed the charging station, you’re done. No on-site antennas installation needed.

Zero emission

No polluting exhaust fumes, no emission of greenhouse gas

Quiet operation

Hotels can get their lawns manicured when customers are asleep.


The mower works in parallel lines, mowing large lawns as quickly as an experienced landscaper.

Operational savings

No labor cost, negligible impact on your energy bill, minimal maintenance expense as compared to ICE mowers.

Stay in the know

With the Kress app on your smartphone, you can control and monitor your mower anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Kress RTKn technology uses the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to get autonomous geo-spatial positioning with 2 to 5 meters accuracy, then applies real-time kinematic (RTK) correction data to achieve centimeter-level accuracy.

RTKn: position accuracy to the power of network

To ensure centimeter-level accuracy, Kress’ expanding proprietary network of reference GNSS receivers continuously delivers RTK correction data to your mower via the mobile phone network.

What if there’s poor satellite signal

A number of factors can degrade satellite positioning accuracy. Should satellite signals be blocked by buildings and trees, not even RTK correction data could help. Here’s where inertial navigation and odometry take over to precisely route the mower until it reaches an open sky area and satellite navigation is restored.

Micro manage your lawn with Multi Zone setup

Kress RTKn technology will finally let you have direct, precise control over distinct mowing zones. Just open your mobile app, mark the zones, and in case there’s a paved road or a road in between, trace a path for your Mission mower to reach them.


Available now

Starting Q2 2023

Don’t take our word for it.

Your local Kress dealer will be glad to demonstrate what the Kress RTKn technology can do for you, in your place.

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Stay in control

Mission RTKn is the ultimate app to manage your satellite-guided robot mower. Create new maps and working schedules. Manage charging stations and set up multiple working zones, and more. Download the app here.

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