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KAC875A Kress Commercial 5 kWh CyberTank charger

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Designed for landscaping companies and municipalities seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, the Kress Commercial 5 kWh CyberTank is a game-changer for commercial landscaping being the only charger that stores energy for all-day work. It offers a revolutionizing 8-minute recharge for batteries, ensuring tools are ready for uninterrupted all-day use. At the core of the Kress Commercial CyberSystem, CyberTank delivers high-end performance with the advantage of lower operating costs compared to gas and other battery systems. Learn more › Learn less

$ 14544.55
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The battery pack is sold separately and not included.

Key features
  • Charging on-the-go with 5 kWh mega capacity
  • 8-minute fast charging
  • Air cooling technology
  • GPS and 4G capability linked to Kress Commercial app
Technical specifications
140 kg
Battery capacity
105 Ah
Battery voltage
48 V
60 V
Charging times
240 Wh or 660 Wh (booster mode): 8 min
240 Wh or 660 Wh (normal mode): 14 min
In the box
Kress Commercial CyberTank KAC875A
Flange screws
Socket head cap cylinder screws
Torx screws
Torx screws
Carriage bolts, spacers and nuts
Manual and documents

Ultra-fast on-site charge

Achieve a 100% charge for your batteries in just 8 minutes*, ensuring uninterrupted operation during your daily tasks.

Stay connected

Kress CyberTank enhances operational efficiency with its built-in 4G and GPS technology. The connectivity gives real-time tracking, security alerts, and battery status updates through the Kress Commercial app.

Guaranteed for longevity

Built for endurance, the Kress Commercial CyberTank stands as a pinnacle of battery technology longevity. Its automotive-grade LFP cells and tri-port management system boost performance and lifespan. Backed by a 6-year or 2000-cycle warranty (whichever comes first), CyberTank ensures reliable, cost-effective energy for professionals. With daily charging, the CyberTank is designed to power through work days for a decade, based on 200 operational days per year.

DC-DC ports

With triple DC-DC charging ports, CyberTank offers the convenience of charging multiple Kress 60V batteries simultaneously without AC mains. This feature ensures continuous power supply, enhancing on-site efficiency for professional landscaping teams.

Durable by design

The Kress Commercial CyberTank exemplifies resilience in the face of demanding work conditions. Crafted with a durable metal housing and safeguarded by IPX4 water-resistance, it promises sustained performance even when faced with the elements. The balanced circuitry and efficient cooling system are designed to ensure longevity, making it a reliable asset for rigorous, professional applications.

Streamlined setup

Crafted for versatility and convenience, the CyberTank features a forklift-compatible base and numerous mounting options. Its design facilitates straightforward loading and installation into a variety of work vehicles.

CyberTank's armor

The Kress Commercial CyberCabinet safeguards your CyberTank with a sturdy enclosure, ensuring performance in all weather. With a self-activating heating pad for chilly conditions, it maintains optimal battery charge levels, so your work never freezes over.

Your landcare control center

Check batteries’ residual runtime, charge status and other stats. Manage anti-theft protection and much more.

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