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Kress Commercial 60V 840Wh 8-minute CyberPack

Battery capacity14 Ah
Battery voltage60 V

The industry's fastest battery charge! Fully charged in 8-minutes

$ 2399.99


Kress Commercial 60V 30A CyberPlug Charger

Voltage110-240 V
Charging current30 A

A dual port AC charger integrated with Bluetooth capability for all Kress 60 V batteries & Kress 60 V CyberPack.

$ 999.99


Kress Commercial 6-port Extended Charging Case

This charging case serves as an extension for Kress Commercial chargers & CyberTank, allowing for sequential charging of multiple batteries in one-time setup

$ 999.99


Kress Commercial 60V 1.4 kWh CyberCapsule

Battery capacity25 Ah
Battery voltage60 V

The power source for Kress CyberTank - Lite solution to ensure no down time, also can be served as a high-capacity backpack battery for backpack blowers and mowers.

$ 2199.99


Kress Commercial 60V 240Wh CyberPack Nano

Battery capacity4 Ah
Battery voltage60 V

The battery features extremely lightweight and powerful, designed for lightweight & output demanding tools.

$ 489.99


Kress 20 V / 2 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity2 Ah
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's best choice of 20 V batteries for precise but challenging jobs

$ 64.99


Kress 20 V / 4 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity4 Ah
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's best balanced battery of exceptional power and moderate weight for easy use

$ 99.99


Kress 20 V / 8 Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery capacity8 Ah
Battery voltage20 V

Kress's most powerful 20 V battery with exceptional runtime

$ 199.99


Kress 60 V / 8 A dual charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current8 A

Smart and fast, charges two 60 V batteries at the same time in 60 minutes

$ 249.99


Kress 20 V / 2 A charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current2 A

Kress's most compact charger, charging a 2 Ah battery in 60 minutes. Grab it and go.

$ 49.99


Kress 20 V / 4 A dual charger

Voltage100-240 V
Charging current4 A

Kress's best choice for charging two 20 V batteries at the same time. Never run out of power.

$ 79.99


Kress 60 V 8 Ah battery

Kress's elite 60 V battery, engineered for the most challenging garden tasks, boasts an impressive 8.0 Ah capacity.

$ 499.99


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