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KC710.9 Kress Commercial 60 V 21" self-propelled mower

Engineered for extreme durability, the Kress KC710 is a battery-powered revolution in commercial lawn care. A true powerhouse, it delivers maximum torque instantly at the mere squeeze of the handle, even under extreme conditions where traditional gas-powered mowers would struggle. When used with Kress’s unique ultra-fast on-site charging technology, the KC710 ensures continuous all-day performance with no downtime. It excels in ultrafine mulching, leaving a pristine, clippings-free lawn behind. With variable speeds from 0 to 4 mph and blade speed that synchs to your walking pace. Learn more › Learn less

$ 1199.99
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The battery pack is sold separately and not included.

Key features
  • 3 kW maximum power
  • 8 ft-lb maximum torque, delivered from 0 rpm
  • Professional quality of cut
  • LiftStream™ airflow maximizes bag capacity
  • 0 – 4 mph adjustable walking speed
  • Auto-clutch and differential transmission for improved maneuverability
  • 2,800 – 3,300 cutting speed, synched to the walking speed
  • Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive
  • 3-in-1: mulching, bagging and rear-side discharge
  • Two-point cut height adjustment, 1-4.5"
  • 2.5 bushels easy-empty bag
  • Commercial-grade reinforced steel deck with wear plates
  • Anti-skid soft start
  • Sealed double-bearing, rubber tire wheels
  • Intuitive LED control display
  • IPX4
Technical specifications
Max. torque
11 Nm
Self-propelled Speed (min-max)
0 - 4 mph
77 lbs
Motor type
60 V
Cutting deck material
Reinforced 15ga Steel
Cutting speed
2800/3300 rpm
cutting height inch
1 in / 4.5 in /
Deck size
21 inch
Grass bag volume
2.5 bushels
Water protection index (IP code)
In the box
Kress lawn mower KC710.9
Collection bag
Mulch plug
Manual and documents

The definitive choice to transition from petrol

The Kress Commercial KC710 battery mower is as good as gas-powered performance. Skeptical? It smoothly tackles commercial projects, boosting productivity and profitability.

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Less time emptying, more time mowing

The bushels spec doesn’t tell the full story, it’s the fill rate that counts. Our advanced LiftStream™ airflow maximizes bag capacity, reducing emptying frequency by up to 33% and keeping you on the move

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Steel deck with reinforced guards

The replaceable side pads safeguard the deck and terrain from wear, keeping your mower running stronger for longer

Two-point height adjustment

Adjustable in 0.5” increments from 1” to 4.5”, the two-point system empowers professionals to fine-tune the deck pitch for a superior cut on any terrain, ensuring precision, performance, and protection against scalping

Everything under control

The intuitive LED control display offers an easy readout of the battery’s residual capacity and your selected adjustable settings in one place

Power is nothing without torque

The Kress KC710 sets a new standard in mowing efficiency by delivering significantly higher torque than other battery-powered models, even outshining popular 21" gas-powered mowers

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Unstoppable uphill, easy on turns

Powered by a dedicated brushless motor, the self-propelled rear-wheel drive of the Kress KC710 provides smooth and consistent traction across all terrains. Speed is precisely controlled to second your own pace, from 0 to 4 mph. Maneuverability is ensured by the auto-clutch and differential transmission for easy pushing, pulling and turning

Commercial-grade wheels

Designed for longevity and relentless performance, Kress mower’s wheels feature sealed double-bearing assembly encased within robust rubber tires

Anti-skid soft start

Electric motors are prized for their instant torque delivery from zero RPMs, but this can sometimes lead to abrupt wheel rotation on startup. Kress’s advanced traction system ensures a smooth start every time. No skidding, no marks, and no damage to the turf.

Professional quality of cut

The Kress KC710 delivers a cut above the rest, ensuring a manicured finish whether you’re mulching, bagging, or using the rear-side discharge. When used in mulching mode, it creates micro clippings that vanish into the turf, leaving behind nothing but a pristine lawn

Your landcare control center

Check batteries’ residual runtime, charge status and other stats. Manage anti-theft protection and much more.

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