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KC320.9 Kress Commercial 60 V 14" top handle chainsaw

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Designed for landscaping companies and municipalities seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, the Kress Commercial top-handle arborist chainsaw delivers the equivalent of a 40 cc gas chainsaw, ensuring efficient cutting at speeds up to 79 ft/s. The .325lp chain offers precise cuts with reduced kickback. As part of the Kress Commercial CyberSystem, it delivers high-end performance with the advantage of lower operating costs compared to gas and other battery systems. Learn more › Learn less

$ 499.99
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The battery pack is sold separately and not included.

Key features
  • 2.4 kW of power comparable to a 40 cc chainsaw
  • 79 ft/s chain speed with a .325lp pitch chain
  • Low vibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tooled tension system
  • Inertia chain brake with rapid chain stop
  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors
  • IPX4
Technical specifications
5.5 lbs
Weight (w/o cutting equipment & battery)
2.5 kg
Weight (w/o cutting equipment & battery)
5.5 lbs
60 V
Chain type
Chain pitch
Bar length
14 in
Chain gauge
0.043 in
Chain speed
79 ft/s
Oil tank volume
6.1 oz
In the box
Kress top handle chainsaw KC320.9
Manual and documents

The definitive choice to transition from petrol

The Kress Commercial KC320 battery chainsaw is as good as petrol-powered performance. Skeptical? It smoothly tackles commercial projects, boosting productivity and profitability.

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Robust power for precision work

Designed specifically for professional arborists, the KC320 top handle chainsaw delivers robust power with 2.4 kW and a chain speed of 79 ft/s, rivalling a 40 cc gasoline chainsaw. Ideal for precise cutting tasks, it offers exceptional efficiency and maneuverability.

Built to last

With a professional-grade cutting system, our chainsaw is meticulously engineered for precision and durability in woodcutting and tree maintenance. A tool crafted for enduring performance.

Commercial-grade brushless motor

The KC320's brushless motor delivers outstanding power and efficiency. Its design offers a longer lifespan and lower maintenance compared to traditional gas chainsaws, ensuring reliable and robust performance.

Safety first

Prioritizing user safety, our top handle saw integrates an inertial brake, dual-action trigger, battery release catch and multi hook combination. It is designed for reliable and safe operation.

Tooled tension system

The tool's tensioning system delivers precise chain tension control, enhancing both durability and performance. It allows for consistent and reliable cuts, optimal for professional environments.

Stainless steel bumper spike

Crafted for longevity and performance, the chainsaw's stainless steel bumper spike is built to be thicker and more durable. It not only enhances the chainsaw's stability and cutting efficiency but also supports controlled, safe operation across various woodcutting conditions.

Adjustable oil pump

Adjust oil delivery to match different wood types for better lubrication and longer chain life.

Air inlet cover

Equipped with a detachable mesh cover to prevent debris clogging the air intake, it ensures easy cleaning and long-lasting performance.

Your landcare control center

Check batteries’ residual runtime, charge status and other stats. Manage anti-theft protection and much more.

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