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Kress 60V 3A Charger (1)


Kress 60V 3 A Charger

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The Kress 60V 3 A single port charger communicates with the Kress 60 V battery to optimize charge performance. The intelligence built in assists in balancing cells, checks cell temperature and voltage to extend the overall life of the battery.

  • The Kress Power Management is the intelligence built into all Kress 60 V Chargers. Constantly monitoring the cell's state of health to optimize battery life.
  • Temp Control draws air across the battery pack to cool the battery down faster to allow quicker charge times.
  • The built-in charge indicator shows the status of charge (Fully charged/ Charging / Temperature out of range / Battery Fault)

In the box

Kress 60V 3A Charger (1)


Key features

  • Smartlink Technology
  • Single-Port Charger
  • 4 Status Charging Indicator
  • Temp Control cooling system

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity 3 Ah
Charging current 3 A
Voltage 100-240 V
Charging times 40min (2.0 Ah)
80min (4.0 Ah)

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 1.55 kg

Basic specifications

Battery charging voltage 60 V

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