Grass trimmers

How to choose the right grass trimmer

No matter if you are a landscape maintenance professional or a homeowner, the Kress range of line trimmers has a model that fits your needs with a perfect blend of ergonomics, power and manoeuvrability.

Weight balance

Petrol grass trimmers have a lightweight tip and a heavy tail – not ideal for your arms and back. Our powerful brushless motor is so compact and lightweight that we placed it right on top of the cutting head to achieve a perfect balance

Power is nothing without comfort

For prolonged use, a large capacity battery will ensure long runtime, whilst adding weight on your arms. Here’s where the Kress ergonomic backpack comes in handy.

Curved or straight shaft?

Professional landscapers generally prefer straight shaft designs that allow longer reach and can easily go under bushes and hedges. Ultimately, the reason why grass trimmers exist is to reach places inaccessible to lawnmowers.

Extended runtime

Eco mode ensures long battery life for lawn edge cleaning and trimming under hedges, around fence posts and tree trunks. When it comes to tall grass and weeds, Boost mode is at your fingertips.

Cutting width

Bigger is better doesn’t necessarily apply here. Large cutting width will certainly improve productivity, while grass trimmers with smaller capacity will be more comfortable to use and easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Fresh line is a bump away

There’s a variety of feed systems to elongate the line as it wears down. Automatic feed can be good for occasional users, while pros prefer the so-called bump feed as it gives greater control over how much line is released. It not only avoids the waste of line, but it also minimises the pollution of the yard with plastic bits.

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