Leaf blowers

How to choose the right leaf blower

Choosing the right leaf blower depends on the number and size of deciduous plants, the size of the property, and your budget. Regardless of your individual needs, there are two key figures to look out for: air volume and air speed. A blower that excels in one but is weak in the other won’t meet your expectations.

Understanding m3/h and km/h

m3/h (cubic metres per hour) tells you the quantity of air that the blower moves; km/h indicates the speed with which the air is expelled from the nozzle. A high m3/h blower will be able to move a large quantity of dry leaves at once, while a high km/h one will blow heavier debris and sticky wet leaves away.

Power is nothing without comfort

Kress cordless leaf blowers excel in lightness. But when it comes to high-voltage, large-capacity batteries for long-lasting operation, weight is at stake. The Kress ergonomic backpack shifts the load from your arm to your back.

The core of the system

Top performance is made possible by the special brushless motor designed and built by Kress, which is capable of spinning at very high speed, delivers more power with less energy, and ensures a very long and maintenance-free life.

Shape the thrust to your needs

Kress leaf blowers feature a variable speed trigger and adjustable setting dial to suit the job, from gentle driveway sweeping to mighty snow blowing. And when the going gets tough, you can power up your shot by hitting the turbo button.

Air Amplifier technology

Kress cordless leaf blowers exploit Bernoulli’s principle: an increase in the velocity of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in static pressure. In practice, as high speed air is expelled from the blower’s nozzle, surrounding low pressure air is drawn into the air stream through the open ports, increasing the volume of airflow.

All year rounder

A good blower is not only needed in the leaf fall season, but throughout the year. In spring and summer, it’s the best way to quickly sweep sidewalks and driveways, dust off outdoor furniture, and clear debris from flower beds without moving soil. When equipped with a pump and an additional nozzle, it becomes a long reach sprayer for foliar treatments on plants and trees. In winter, a powerful blower is also a quick way to sweep snow outside the house.

Don’t settle for a compromise

With a conventional leaf blower, you have to live as it is. With Kress cordless blowers, you can prioritise air volume – useful for moving a thick layer of dry leaves quickly – or speed – what you need to unstick wet leaves from the ground. As simple as moving the tip forward or backward.

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