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KC720.9 Kress Commercial 60 V 47 cm self-propelled lawn mower

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Designed for landscaping companies and municipalities seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, the Kress Commercial 60 V 47 cm self-propelled lawn mower offers superior 3 kW power and advanced design for effective mowing. It features a LiftStream™ deck and versatile blades for optimal cutting, enhanced by a 2-point adjustable system for precision height control from 20-80 mm. As part of the Kress Commercial CyberSystem, it delivers high-end performance with the advantage of lower operating costs compared to gas and other battery systems. Learn more › Learn less

949.05 €
excl. VAT 1167 € incl. VAT
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The battery pack is sold separately and not included.

Key features
  • 3 kW maximum power
  • Professional quality of cut
  • LiftStream™ airflow maximizes bag capacity
  • 0 – 6.4 km/h, adjustable walking speed
  • 11 Nm maximum torque, delivered from 0 rpm
  • Auto-clutch and differential transmission for improved maneuverability
  • Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive 3-in-1: mulching, bagging and rear-side discharge
  • Two-point cutting height adjustment, from 20 to 80 mm
  • 70 L easy-empty bag
  • Commercial-grade reinforced steel deck with wear plates
  • Intuitive LED control display
  • IPX4
Technical specifications
Deck material
Self-propelled Speed (min-max)
2 km/h - 6.4 km/h
Front wheels size
200 mm
Rear wheels size
255 mm
Weight without battery
38 kg
60 V
Cutting width
47 cm
Cutting height adjustment
2-point adjustement
Cutting height steps
Cutting height min
20 - 80 mm
Cutting speed
2800/3300 rpm rpm
11 Nm
Auto-clutch differential rear drive
Bag capacity
70 L
Vertical storage
Tyre material
In the box
Ergonomic handle mower
Collecting bag
Mulching plug
Manual and documents

The definitive choice to transition from petrol

The Kress Commercial KC720 battery self-propelled lawn mower is as good as petrol-powered performance. Skeptical? It smoothly tackles commercial projects, boosting productivity and profitability.

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Power is nothing without torque

The Kress KC720 sets a new standard in mowing efficiency by delivering significantly higher torque than other battery-powered models, even outshining popular 47 cm gas-powered mowers.

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Precision cut quality

The Kress KC720 excels in delivering a superior finish across various mowing modes. Whether mulching, bagging, or discharging from the rear, it ensures a well-manicured appearance. Its mulching mode finely shreds grass clippings into micro pieces that decompose unnoticeably, maintaining a pristine and lush lawn.

Less time emptying, more time mowing

The bushels spec doesn’t tell the full story, it’s the fill rate that counts. Our advanced LiftStream™ airflow maximizes bag capacity, reducing emptying frequency by up to 33% and keeping you on the move.

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Enhanced traction and control

Equipped with a robust brushless motor, the Kress mower's self-propelled rear-wheel drive smoothly adjusts to your desired pace, offering speeds up to 6.4 km/h. Its auto-clutch and differential transmission enhance maneuverability, facilitating effortless navigation and adjustment during operation, whether pushing, pulling, or turning.

Durable steel deck with guards

The robust steel deck is equipped with replaceable side pads, which protect both the deck and the terrain from wear. This ensures the mower's longevity and reliable performance over time.

Everything is under control

The intuitive LED control display offers an easy readout of battery’s residual capacity and your selected adjustable settings in one place.

Precision height adjustment

The two-point height adjustment system allows for meticulous deck pitch customization, with settings ranging from 20 to 80 mm in 10 mm increments. This feature ensures a consistently superior cut across varying terrains, enhancing both performance and protection against scalping.

Robust commercial-grade wheels

Equipped with sealed double-bearing assemblies, the wheels on the Kress mower are encased in durable rubber tires. This design is crafted for extended durability and consistent performance under rigorous conditions.

Anti-skid soft start

Kress's advanced traction system ensures a smooth start for KC720, preventing abrupt wheel rotation and turf damage. This system maintains consistent traction without leaving marks, perfect for maintaining a pristine and healthy lawn.

Your landcare control center

Check batteries’ residual runtime, charge status and other stats. Manage anti-theft protection and much more.

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