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Kress Commercial 60V 1.4 kWh CyberCapsule (1)


Kress Commercial 60V 1.4 kWh CyberCapsule

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With 1500 Wh capacity, this CyberCapsule seamlessly fuels over 6 cycles of a 240 Wh CyberPack, catering to all your energy-intensive tasks. Paired with a dual-mode charger, it recharges the CyberPacks in just 15 minutes, ensuring an all-day, no-downtime operation that amplifies work productivity.

  • Battery-to-battery power source: Serving as the power source of CyberTank-Lite charging solution to ensure at least 5 full charges for 240 Wh CyberPack, catering to multiple gardening tools.
  • High capacity backpack battery: With an impressive 1500 Wh energy storage with high output power, this CyberCapsule can also serve as a large-capacity battery for for extended run times of power tools such as backpack blowers or mowers.
  • Advanced battery management to optimize the performance and life of the batteries.
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability linked to the Kress Commercial app to provide you with access to in depth data on your operations.
  • IPX5 water-proof design: Ready for the toughest environments.

In the box

Kress Commercial 60V 1.4 kWh CyberCapsule (1)


Key features

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity 23.3 Ah
Battery voltage 60 V

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Weight 8.1 kg
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