Hedge trimmers

How to choose the right hedge trimmer

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a discerning homeowner, the Kress range or battery-powered hedge trimmers have you covered.

Power is nothing without comfort

Now that you got rid of the heavy engine, what’s the point with bearing a large battery? If your business is about trimming tall, long and overgrown hedges, Kress 60V batteries can be conveniently mounted on the ergonomic backpack.

Features to look up for

Besides weight, length of the blade and cutting capacity are key factors that influence your choice. For small straight-sided dividing hedges, shrubs and flowering hedges, a lightweight and manoeuvrable 20V trimmer will do the job. For tall and large hedges with thick branches, look into the 60V range that will give you up to 57 cm blade length and can cut branches as thick as 34 mm.

Avoid weight as much as possible

Holding and lifting a cantilevered load on your arms for hours is definitely hard work. So, if there’s a single tool to avoid the petrol engine, it is the hedge trimmer. Kress brushless motors deliver plenty of torque and power. You’ll only have to give up weight, vibration, noise and exhaust fumes.

Safety first

Fast moving sharp blades driven by massive torque aren’t exactly finger-friendly. When choosing the right hedge timer for you, make sure it’s designed with safety in mind. To prevent injuries, our cordless hedge trimmers can be started and operated only if both hands are gripping respective handles. During operation, the blades will stop immediately if a hand is removed from its intended position.

Kress’ twin blades move in opposite directions to each other. Not only does it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done, it also virtually cancels vibrations for comfortable operation over a long time.

Rotating rear handle

For reduced fatigue and more accurate trimming results, choose a model with adjustable rear handle to adapt to the job. Kress’ rear handle pivots over 180° for ideal working posture in all cutting conditions.

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