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KAC840 Kress Commercial 60 V 30 A CyberPlug charger

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The Kress CyberPlug offers unparalleled convenience for professionals, a compact and portable AC charger capable of revitalizing multiple batteries simultaneously. Designed for the dynamic needs of commercial use, it ensures your Kress tools are always ready for action. Learn more › Learn less

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Key features
  • Dual-port design
  • IPX5
  • Air cooling system
  • Charging status and diagnostic alerts
Technical specifications
11.5 kg
Charging current
30 A
110-240 V
Battery type
Charging times
240 Wh: 12 min
660 Wh: 25 min
Output voltage
60 V
In the box
Kress 60 V 30 A AC charger KAC840
Manual and documents

High-speed charging hub

Equipped with a robust 1800 W output and an advanced air cooling system, the Kress CyberPlug provides a swift and efficient charging experience utilizing any AC outlet. Designed for speed and convenience, it ensures optimal charging performance for professionals.

Dual-port design

The dual ports intelligently recognize and simultaneously charge a pair of batteries from the Kress CyberSystem lineup, optimizing downtime.

Redefining resilience

Crafted for endurance, the Kress Commercial CyberPlug charger boasts a robust design, ready to confront demanding conditions. Its IPX5 rating guarantees protection against the elements, ensuring it stands up to drops, dust, impacts, and vibrations with unwavering reliability.

Universal compatibility

Kress CyberPlug can charge all Kress 60 V batteries and CyberPacks.

Intuitive charging intelligence

The LED indicators on the Kress Commercial CyberPlug charger offer immediate, clear updates on charge levels and diagnostics.

Portable design

Kress Commercial CyberPlug's ergonomic handle facilitates effortless transportation across various sites, ensuring your gear remains powered wherever your work takes you.

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