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KC330.9 Kress Commercial 60 V 25 cm pole saw

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Designed for landscaping companies and municipalities seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, the Kress KC330 pole saw establishes a new standard of productivity. Extending up to 4 meters, it rivals the power of professional combustion engines, ensuring no task is out of reach. Equipped with a 2-point adjustment system, it offers superior maneuverability, making precise cuts from various angles effortless. As part of the Kress Commercial CyberSystem, it delivers high-end performance with the advantage of lower operating costs compared to gas and other battery systems. Learn more › Learn less

$ 817.27
excl. GST $ 899 incl. GST
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The battery pack is sold separately and not included.

Key features
  • 1.6kW power, 30 cc gas-like performance
  • Telescopic tubes
  • Tool-less adjustable harness
  • Intuitive LED control panel
  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors
  • IPX4
Technical specifications
Weight without battery
12.6 lbs
Weight (w/o cutting equipment & battery)
5.7 kg
Weight (w/o cutting equipment & battery)
12.6 lbs
Motor type
60 V
Chain type
Chain pitch
Chain speed
17 m/s
Chain gauge
1.1 mm
Oil tank volume
160 ml
Bar length
25 cm
In the box
Kress Commercial pole saw KC330.9
Manual and documents

The definitive choice to transition from petrol

The Kress Commercial KC330 battery pole saw is as good as petrol-powered performance. Skeptical? It smoothly tackles commercial projects, boosting productivity and profitability.

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Superior performance

With 1.6 kW power and a 17 m/s chain speed, equivalent to a 30 cc gas pole saw, the KC330 delivers smooth, continuous cuts for effective pruning and overhead branch cutting.

Commercial grade brushless motor

Featuring a commercial-grade brushless motor, this tool offers outstanding power, enhanced runtime, and extended lifespan. Maintenance-free compared to gas chainsaws, it delivers dependable, efficient performance.

Multi-safety design

Equipped with a practical control panel, trigger guard, brake indicator, status LED, and multiple alarms. It is designed for reliable and safe operation during demanding tasks, ensuring user confidence and efficiency.

Balanced design

The rear motor layout and 2-point adjustment of the pole saw enhance balance and ease of use, reducing fatigue in extended cutting tasks.

Tooled tension system

The tooled tension system provides superior precision and durability, ensuring the chain maintains optimal tension for stable and reliable cutting in professional settings.

Extendable reach

Featuring an adjustable shaft, extending up to 4 meters to provide unmatched reach and precise control for top-tier landscaping efficiency.

Air inlet cover

Equipped with a detachable mesh cover to prevent debris clogging the air intake, ensuring easy cleaning and long-lasting performance.

Your landcare control center

Check batteries’ residual runtime, charge status and other stats. Manage anti-theft protection and much more.

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