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KR233E Kress RTKⁿ 12,000 m² robotic lawn mower with OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System)

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Redefining precision in lawn care with Kress RTKⁿ technology, the KR233E robotic lawn mower introduces satellite-guided, centimeter-level accuracy without the need for any property-specific stationary antennas. Engineered for expansive landscapes, it manicures areas up to 18,000 m2 with a stripe-perfect finish. Equipped with dual-layer razor sharp blades and obstacle avoidance system, the KR233E operates efficiently under any conditions. Its MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) and TeamWork™ collaborative technologies provide seamless management of every turf complexity. Learn more › Learn less

9269.02 €
excl. VAT 11400.9 € incl. VAT
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Key features
  • Centimeter-level accuracy without station antenna in your property
  • Satellite-guided - no perimeter wire installation
  • 35 cm of cutting capacity for efficient coverage of large areas
  • Dual-layer razor-sharp blades for dense and overgrown grass
  • Integrated obstacle avoidance system
  • Multi-zone function with the ability to precisely navigate from one turf area to another
  • Dead reckoning for mowing even undershade (weak satellite signal)
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency
  • Auto-levelling cutting disc
  • Anti-theft protection
  • MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) for advanced path optimization and dynamic adjustment technology
  • TeamWork™ collaborative technology for operating more robots in the same area
  • Electronic cutting height adjustment
  • RBS™ Regenerative Brake System for energy saving
  • In-Hub drive motor with all terrain wheels
  • Equipped with OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System)
Technical specifications
Maximum area (cutting every 72h)
18000 ㎡
Recommend area (cutting every 48h)
12000 ㎡
PIN code
Lift sensor
Low inertia blades
Electric fence
Anti-theft system
Auto lock
762x555x296 mm
20 kg
Battery capacity
10 Ah
Battery voltage
20 V
Side charge
Battery type
Cutting width
35 cm
Cutting height adjustment
Cutting blades
Self-leveling blade disc
Cutting methods
Cutting height min
30 - 60 mm
OAS - Obstacle Avoidance System
Forward and rotating
Double layer blades
Dual disc
Navigation pattern
OTA (Over-The-Air)
Maximum slope
Sound level perceived
62 db
Front wheels
Weather resistant
Hose cleaning
In-wheel motor
Quick return
Water protection index (IP code)
Maximum lawn size
18000 ㎡
Recommended lawn size
12000 ㎡
In the box
Robot mower Kress KR233E
Screws for fixing blades
Charging base
Charging base fixing nails
Hex keys
Wrench for RTK antenna
Magnetic strip
Spare blades
RTK antenna
Hexagon screwdriver
Measurement gauge
Charging pile
Charger (KA3717/KA3817)
Battery pack (KA3010)
Manual and documents

Less is more

The new Kress KR233E RTKn robot mower delivers centimeter-level accuracy without additional hardware in your property. No antennas. No beacons. No boundary wires.

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Precision mowing with RTK

RTK is the state-of-the-art geo-positioning technique that fine-tunes satellite signals for unparalleled accuracy.

Uninterrupted precision under shade

If satellite signals are obstructed by buildings or trees, Kress mowers switch to dead reckoning mode to maintain accurate routing, until a clear satellite connection is available again.

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Satellite-guided centimeter-level accuracy

Kress's advanced network of base station antennas transmits precise correction data directly to each mower, ensuring unmatched precision for the cutting of every single blade of grass.

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Daily fresh-cut stripes

The new Kress RTKn follows a perfectly parallel line pattern. The result? Impeccably aligned stripes that make your grounds a standout feature of the property. Every day.

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Master of complexity

Guided by satellites, the Kress RTKn excels at navigating complex landscapes and follows even the most tortuous paths from one turf area to another.

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Engineered for synergy

Multiple robots can coexist and operate in the same territory, ensuring swift and seamless turfcare without overlap or interference.

Stay in control

The Kress app can handle up to 10 robotic mowers simultaneously. For oversight of extensive grounds maintenance operations, the specialized fleet management app is coming early spring.

Kress RTKn for commercial turf care

Discover how transitioning from manned lawn mowing to unmanned turf care will benefit your business.

Learn what Kress can do for you, your business and the planet

Auto-leveling blade system

The floating blade deck automatically adjusts to uneven terrain, ensuring a consistent cut while preventing turf scalping.

Large cutting capacity

The dual-disc ensures efficient coverage of large areas with fewer passes.

Dual-layer razor blades

Engineered on separate planes, the blades effortlessly manage high-density and overgrown grass.

Electronic cut height adjustment

Grass cutting height can be adjusted with a simple slider in the app for a tailored turf finish.

Agility meets precision

Kress Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS) ensures the mower navigates with precision around each challenge the terrain presents.

A future-proof investment

Just like your smartphone, Kress robot mowers get automatic over-the-air updates whenever new software is available.

In-hub gearless motors

Kress direct-drive motors ensure smooth, trouble-free running, season after season.

Washable underbody

IPX5 rated, the chassis is designed to withstand the force of a sustained water jet from a hose, making cleaning quick and easy.

Secure and traceable

Kress robot mowers feature real-time geo-location tracking, offering peace of mind with anti-theft monitoring on your smartphone.

Energy-smart on slopes

Kress robotic mowers capture energy as they descend hills, recycling power back into the battery.

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