How to choose the right chainsaw

Chainsaws cover a broad range of applications. Unless you’re a full time faller, you’ll likely use it to clear away fallen branches after a storm, cut down a dead tree that threatens your roof, prune branches, remove crumbling limbs from trees, and cut logs to split into firewood.

The mother of all specs

If there’s a single specification to look for, this is the chain speed, i.e. the distance the chain slides across the sawbar rail in a given time. It goes without saying that the faster the chain, the faster the cut. If you cannot find this information in a manufacturer’s spec list, guess why.

Why you need torque

High torque is what prevents the saw from getting bogged down in thick hardwood. Kress-built brushless motors deliver plenty of torque, don’t overheat under heavy load and ensure a very long, maintenance-free life.

Size? Just right

Bigger is better doesn’t necessarily apply to chainsaws. A chainsaw with a longer bar will naturally give you more cutting capacity, but will tire you out faster, ultimately decreasing your productivity and putting your safety at risk. A model with a shorter bar will be easier to manoeuvre.

Power is nothing without comfort

Kress cordless chainsaws excel in lightness. But when it comes to high-voltage, large-capacity batteries for long-lasting operation, weight is at stake. The Kress ergonomic backpack shifts the load from your arm to your back.

Move the weight where it helps

If it comes to cutting logs on the stand, mounting the battery on the tool will help you to apply the necessary pressure.

Pay attention to the right tension

Proper chain tension is nearly as important as the sharpness of its teeth. A chain that is too tight will increase friction, reducing chain speed and wearing down the drive sprocket. A loose chain can derail from the bar posing a threat to your safety. Kress patented auto-tensioning system will make sure the chain tension is just right all the time.

Other features to look up for

To ensure long, productive and trouble-free operation, prefer models with automatic lubrication for longer life, quick chain brake for safety, and electronic speed control to prevent the chain from bogging down under heavy load.

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