Kommercielle græstrimmere

No gas necessary

Go fully cordless–and fuel-free–with the Kress 42 cm commercial line trimmer. It delivers 1.2 kW of power and instant torque to exceed the gas-like punch that professionals are used to.

A true fuel replacement

With the Kress 60V Commercial 8-minute CyberPack batteries you can finally go fuel-free.

No harmful emissions. No excessive fuel costs. No exhaustive maintenance.

And better yet, there’s no downtime. They fully charge in just 8 minutes so crews can keep working around the clock.

Enhanced for health

Choosing Kress means healthier work.

Crews are no longer subjected to continuous exposure to toxic exhaust emissions, deafening noise, and harmful vibrations throughout the day.

See the proof

Superior speeds for commercial cuts

Gas-powered equipment can bog down under heavy loads. The Kress 42 cm Line Trimmer delivers maximum torque from the moment the trigger is engaged all the way up to 5900 RPM.

Solid steel strength

Built with a solid steel driveshaft, Kress commercial line trimmers endure heavy-duty work and support added pressure to the gearhead.

Weatherproof & washable

With IPX4 water-resistant construction, the Kress 42 cm Line Trimmer is safe to use on rainy days and to wash with a hose

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