Kress 60V Max 48cm Hedge Trimmer KG259E.9

The new 60V max hedge trimmers stand out for great ergonomics, robust design and top manufacturing quality. Thanks to the backpack-carried battery, they are lightweight so you can cut even long, high hedges with ease and without backache.

Top features

Backpack Battery System
High Performance Brushless Motor
Extremely Lightweight
Laser-Cut, Dual-Edge Blades
Soft Start and 2-Speed Adjustment
Rotating Rear Handle Turns by 180°
Full-Warp Front Handle
Easy Blade Change System
Metal Gear Box
One Battery for All Applications


Power and charging
Max. voltage
Runtime 2.0 AH
Low: 50* min / 40 min
High: 40* min / 32 min
Runtime 4.0 AH
Low: 100* min / 80 min
High: 80* min / 64 min
* without load
Cutting System
Blade length
Max. cutting dia.
Delivery scope
1 battery backpack
1 blade cover
Overall size
Weight (without battery)
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