INNOVATIVE FOR OVER MORE THAN 50 YEARS Whether unique power tools, "Made in Germany", or our groundbreaking robotic lawnmower range - there are many good reasons to choose Kress.
Groundbreaking products
Kress offers premium quality combined with genuine innovations and modern design. We are continually expanding our range with groundbreaking new products.
Extensive customer service
From professional installation to individual support, Kress offers end users a large range of extra services.
Green values
At Kress, we have always taken our environmental responsibility seriously. Our products achieve a recycling rate of more than 95 %. We are proud to hold the WWF platinum award for sustainability.
The advantages of our brushless motors
No wear
Unlike brush motors, brushless motors are wear-free
  • No replacing wear parts
  • Longer service life
  • Improved battery performance and service life
Top energy efficiency
Brushless motors transform energy almost completely into performance
  • 85% energy utilization (compared with 75% for brush motors, 15% for petrol engines)
  • No friction losses
Optimally coordinated power
Kress 60V motors are designed to get the most out of battery power
  • Optimal energy utilization
  • High torque
  • No overcharging
A range for every job in the garden.
Find the Mission for your needs.
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