In the box

Trimmer head (1)
Knife blade (1)
Bike handle (1)
Debris shield (1)
Quick release double shoulder harness (1)

Kress 60 V 42 cm cordless brushless brushcutter — tool only

The first truly cordless solution for commercial brush cutting applications. The Kress brush cutter eliminates any need for gas. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those large properties requiring extensive trimming. The Kress-built brushless motor provides the power level required for trimming manicured lawns or addressing overgrown areas when needed. The trimmer head design provides a high level of durability, a quick-load line feature, and holds a substantial amount of line. Combine IPX4 wateproofing with all of the brush cutter's features and you have a tool that will handle any job, under any condition.

  • Delivering power up to the 30cc gas/petrol-powered range, the Kress Commercial brush cutter is suitable for your everyday landscaping needs and the difficult conditions of overgrown areas that usually require a larger trimmer. With a simple push of a button, you can control the power needed during any trimming operation
  • The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem has fully unlocked the product potential to 10x the battery life*, 2x power output*, 8-minute charge time* & zero downtime. The wait is over, start your transition to zero-emission today * Up to 10x battery charge/discharge cycles compared to 18650/21700 lithium-ion cells *Up to 2x maximum momentary power delivery output compared to 18650 lithium-ion cells *When charging 4 Ah or 11 Ah Kress Commercial batteries with the KAC875 charger
  • The quick-load line feature allows for more trimming and less line winding, keeping your efficiency at a maximum level
  • Built-in LED control panel displays battery power level and available adjustable settings
  • The trimmer guard provides excellent visibility and debris protection for accurate trimming operations
  • Adjustable handle bar for comfortable use and compact storage during transport
  • A heavy-duty non-flexible solid steel driveshaft for maximum durability
  • The Kress aluminum gearhead is designed for the demanding applications encountered in landscaping, day after day, week after week, and season after season
  • With a IPX4 waterproof rating, there are no concerns about finishing the job, even on those wet weather days when the rain just doesn’t seem to stop

In the box

Trimmer head (1)
Knife blade (1)
Bike handle (1)
Debris shield (1)
Quick release double shoulder harness (1)


Key features

  • Quick-load line
  • Built-in LED control panel
  • Slim design trimmer guard
  • Comfortable adjustable handle bar
  • Solid steel driveshaft
  • Aluminum gearhead

Technical specifications and Manual

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 4.6 kg


Cutting width 42 cm
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Cutting speed 4500 / 5100 / 5900 rpm

Battery & Charger

Voltage 60 V
Current location