Commercial lawn mowers

No gas necessary

The Kress 21” Self-Propelled Lawn Mower delivers professional results with 1.2 kW of power, efficient speed, and cutting versatility. It’s the high-performance solution to cut grass without gas.

A true fuel replacement

With the Kress 60V Commercial 8-minute CyberPack batteries you can finally go fuel-free.

No harmful emissions. No excessive fuel costs. No exhaustive maintenance.

And better yet, there’s no downtime. They fully charge in just 8 minutes so crews can keep working around the clock.

Enhanced for health

Choosing Kress means healthier work.

Crews are no longer subjected to continuous exposure to toxic exhaust emissions, deafening noise, and harmful vibrations throughout the day.

See the proof

Top-tier torque, high quality cut

The reinforced steel gauge deck achieves an exceptional cut with 9.5 Nm (7 ft-lbs) of torque and high vacuum levels.

Hassle-free height adjustment

Effortlessly modify the cutting height to fit the specific demands of the job with the mower’s 2-point height adjustment.

Weatherproof & washable

With IPX4 water-resistant construction, the Kress 51 cm Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is safe to use on rainy days and to wash with a hose.

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