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Kress 60V 3A Charger (1)


Kress 60V 3A Charger

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The Kress 60V 3A single port charger communicates with the Kress 60V battery to optimize charge performance. The intelligence built in assists in balancing cells, checks cell temperature and voltage to extend the overall life of the battery.

  • The Kress Power Management is the intelligence built into all Kress 60v Chargers. Constantly monitoring the cell's state of health to optimize battery life.
  • Temp Control draws air across the battery pack to cool the battery down faster to allow quicker charge times.
  • The built-in charge indicator shows the status of charge (Fully charged/ Charging / Temperature out of range / Battery Fault)

In the box

Kress 60V 3A Charger (1)


Key features

  • Smartlink Technology
  • Single-Port Charger
  • 4 Status Charging Indicator
  • Temp Control cooling system

Technical specifications and Manual

Battery & Charger

Battery capacity 3 Ah
Charging current 3 A
Voltage 100-240 V
Charging times 40min (2.0 Ah)
80min (4.0 Ah)

Basic specifications

Battery charging voltage 60 V

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 1.55 kg

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